Fiona has a skewed view of life, she's watched one too many Disney films and its affected her grip on reality! Join her on her magic carpet, as she dives under the sea because you've got a friend in me!
"Fiona has funny bones and an easy warmth on stage.  She has actual gags, an increasingly rare commodity in today's wispy, live blogging forum of comedy.  She knows about delivering the funny stuff not commenting on it or talking about gigs she's had, but life experience made recognisably hilarious."
Julia Chamberlain
Piccadilly Comedy Club Grand Finalist 2017/2018
Max Turner Finalist 2017
Comedy Knights Finalist 2016
Golden Jester Finalist 2015
Jokers Joker Finalist 2015
Funny Women Semi-Finalist 2015
So You Think You're Funny Semi-Finalist 2014
Beat the Gong at the Comedy Store, London
The Blackout at UTC, winner 5 times